Yellow and Gray Molded FRP Grating Samples

Molded FRP Grating

High Strength Square & Rectangular Grating is Both Versatile and Flexible.

Green Yellow and Gray Pultruded FRP Grating Samples

Pultruded FRP Grating

Intended for Longer Spans Without the Need for Extra Support.

Rusty Red Phenolic FRP Grating Sample

Phenolic FRP Grating

Specifically Designed for Areas with Safety and Corrosion Concerns.

CFRP Grating Clip Samples

CFRP Grating Clips

"316SS Clips" Attach Various Gratings to Supporting Members.

Structural FRP Grating Samples

FRP Structural Shapes

FGS Carries All Standard Shapes Used for Structural Projects

FRP Handrail Systems

FRP Handrail Systems

Light Duty ~ Standard ~ Heavy Duty ~ Ergonomic Oval

FRP Ladder Systems

FRP Ladder Systems

Standard & Custom Configurations ~ OSHA Compliant

FRP Technical Resources

Technical Resources

Cutting FRP Grating ~ Resin Selection & Chemical Resistance Guides

Residential FRP Patio

Residential Fiberglass Advantages

Fiberglass Decking adds a unique element of style and is being used more in residential applications. Low maintenance & durability also make it wise choice. It will not crack, split, or warp. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is designed to last, without the routine maintenance needed by many other decking materials.

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Fiberglass Grating Solutions

Fiberglass Grating Systems

Fiberglass Grating Systems Welcome Logo

Fiberglass Grating Systems serves the needs of a wide variety of Industries. Our fabrication team has been building custom FRP structures for over 25 years and are available to assist you in creating a successful project. Regardless of the complexity involved with your project, when it arrives on site, it will go together exactly as anticipated.

Fiberglass Grating Systems

Company Certifications

Fiberglass Grating Systems Certifications Logos
FRP Advantages

Ideal Replacement for Steel or Aluminum

Gray Red and Yellow Pultruded FRP Grating for Replacing Steel

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is Currently Making a Huge Impact in Most Industries:

Lightweight ~ Corrosion Resistant ~ Impact Resistant ~ Non-Conductive ~ Low Thermal Conductivity ~ Low Maintenance

Private & Commercial

Industry Relationships

Men discussing FRP Grating

Industries Served ~ But Not Limited To:

Aerospace ~ Automotive ~ Aquariums & Zoo's ~ Chemical Processing ~ Education ~ Food & Beverage ~ General Manufacturing ~ Mining ~ Oil & Gas ~ Plating ~ Pulp & Paper ~ Transportation ~ Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities